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Plan Your Session

Each session includes 


90 - 120 minutes of shooting time with complete posing and coaching to help you feel and look your best. This extended session time allows you to relax and get comfortable in front of the camera, resulting in beautiful, natural images that you’ll love. 


A Reveal and Ordering Session will happen within 7 days of your shoot. When viewing your gallery, please keep in mind that the images are raw and not retouched. 


Once you make your selection, we will retouch your images. This may include softening of facial and neck lines, toning down shine on face, forehead and other areas, removing stray hairs, remove blemishes and fixing any irregularities in the background and color corrections.

Krystal  (1)_edited.jpg

Boudoir Session


- Five signature edited digital photos

Everyn and Billy (25).jpg

Couples Boudoir Session


- Five signature edited digital photos

8x8 Boudoir Album


-including 15 total signature edited images in digital and print format

- Additional signature edit - $40/photo

Erin Bedroom  (15)-Edit.jpg

One 16 x 24 Metal or Canvas Wall Art*


-Luxury 10 x 10 leather or Velvet Signature Album

-20 Digital Images

-Additional signature edit - $40/photo

Erin silhouette (39)-Edit.jpg
Gabrielle-artistic-studio-sexy (14).jpg

Two 16 x 24 Metal or Canvas Wall Art*


-Luxury 10 x 10 Signature Album 

-Full Digital File Collection (30 - 40 Images)

*Wall Art - Canvas or metal prints 

*Luxury Album Thick pages, metallic paper, covered in leather or velvet.

How to prepare for your session


  • Drink plenty of water. 

  • Avoid being in the sun for long periods of time. 

  • Moisturise your skin and face. Use lip balm daily. Take care of your skin all week!

  • Wash your face with gentle cleansers. 

  • Try on all outfits before session and remove all tags, and stickers from bottom of shoes.


  • Clean up your eyebrows.

  • Wax if you’d like. You will be in your underwear or less for your boudoir shoot. Consider your bikini line if you don’t usually.

  • Clean any jewelry if you’re wanting to wear it during your session. (Also clean body jewelry)

  • Start going to bed early so you’ll be (and look) well-rested for your shoot.

  • If you’re doing it yourself, do a trial run of your hair and makeup.

  • Try on and decide on any outfits you’d like to wear/bring.


  • Shave if you’re not waxing. Go slow! Avoid cutting yourself and use lotions that  prevent razor burn.

  • Avoid alcohol and parties. Drink lots of water instead!

  • Sleep! Get a full night of rest. You want to be hydrated and well-rested for your photo session.

  • Gather and prepare your clothes- make sure shoes are clean, clothing is wrinkle-free, and jewelry is clean and functional.


  • Arrive with a loose-fitting  underwear/bra (or none at all). Tight bras and underwear create lines in your skin, which take hours to disappear.

  • Eat light meal. You want to avoid feeling bloated or lethargic from eating a large meal right before the shoot.

  • Bring your outfits on hangers to avoid wrinkles.

  • Listen to some of your favorite empowering, confidence-boosting music to get you in the mood for your photo shoot.

  • Give yourself lots of time to do your hair and makeup, and to arrive in good time for your session.


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